Presidents, prizes and presentations at the RUAS Annual Meeting

There was a great turn out at the annual meeting of the Royal Ulster Agricultural Society (RUAS) on Friday 3rd March.  A mixture of business and pleasure was discussed on the day including Cyril Millar being elected as President.  He will lead the Society for two year term and will be a brilliant figurehead due to his extensive knowledge of the agricultural sector. 

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One of Cyril’s first duties was to present the prestigious President’s Plate to a very worthy recipient.  This year the accolade was bestowed upon Alison Connolly, who has served on Council for twelve years and is a former member of both the Cattle Committee and the Winter Fair Committee.  She shows great dedication to the Society so it is apt Alison should receive the award which acknowledges a member who has made a significant contribution over a period of years.

Also elected at the annual meeting were the Chairmen of the RUAS Committees.  Congratulations go to Walter Hoy, Mervyn Acheson, John Martin, Stefan Smyth, Billy Martin, Austin Perry, James Morrison, John Mercer, Libby Clarke, Duke McCartney, Pauline Gibson, Alan Armstrong, Jean Mann and Mark Logan.

Alexandra Woods enthralled attendees with her tales of a recent trip to Singapore, detailing her attendance at the Royal Agricultural Society of the Commonwealth Next Generation Conference.  As well as speaking eloquently Alex also showed an array of exquisite photographs she took during her trip, documenting the sights she saw and the learning experience she had.

The Society would like to congratulate our new President and Chairmen.

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