Only the best at Glenross

ìWith higher levels of protein than ewe colostrum it is no surprise that Volac Volostrum is often the difference between life and death in a busy lambing shed,î Alistair Sampson, Volac NI business manager.

TEXEL tups are top of the NI terminal sire league table so producing
‘practical’ rams is the aim of Larne, Co Antrim pedigree breeder Nigel Ross.
When still at school Nigel became involved in Texel breeding with his uncle
Raymond Hall, who later moved to Scotland. Thus in 2002 Nigel founded the
Glenross flock with ewes from his Uncle and an impressive Fairmount ram
from veteran local Texel breeder Austin Shaw.

Over the years the aim has been to produce Glenross Texel rams that add
value to lambs out of commercial flocks. Tups with length, good legs and an
innate ability to sire lambs that finish efficiently at a good grade.
Today the award winning Glenross flock consists of up to 50 homebred ewes
put to stock ram Curly Usher. Most sales are through Ballymena mart or in the
yard often to repeat customers. Commercial lamb producers, who appreciate
the consistent ability of Glenross rams to bring better genetics and extra
income to their enterprises.


Alistair Sampson, left, of Volac with Larne Texel breeder Nigel Ross and that lambing time essential, Volostrum. Nigel always uses high protein Volostrum and Lamlac to ensure the best possible results at lambing time

Throughout this lifelong interest in breeding better sheep Nigel has always
turned to Volac products in the lambing shed be it high protein Lamlac milk
replacer or Volostrum when faced with a lamb in urgent need of colostrum.
A 100% natural product Volostrum is 76% protein with equally impressive
levels of oil and lactose to give the newborn a life saving energy boost. Nigel
also finds Volostrum easy to mix, handy to use and proven to protect new
arrivals from hypothermia and many deadly diseases.

. For details contact Volac NI business manager Alistair Sampson tel; 078606
26442 or browse

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