SlurryKat launch new low loader range

SlurryKat develops new range of tractor drawn low loaders
As part of its continuous new product development Northern Ireland based

SlurryKat has launched a new series of tractor drawn low loaders.
There are currently two models in the range at 16 tons and 24 tons but other
sizes can be made to suit customer requirements.

The trailers are suitable for a range of applications, such as excavator/wheel loader transport, bale handling and potato box transport.

 The trailer chassis’ are built with high tensile steel full length H beam section
which allows for better chassis performance when heavily loaded. Tread plating
is used on the beaver tail and ramps for extra grip when loading expensive
machinery and equipment.

High tensile steel is also used in all the box section cross members and side supports which run along each side of the bed.

These are manufactured from laser cut flat high tensile steel rather than the conventional approach of channel section. This allows track width of axles to be maximised and gives a lower set floor, lower centre of gravity and therefore more stability when towing.

 All the axles used are built to a high speed specification with spring suspension.
The drawbar is also fully sprung to soften the ride for the towing tractor and
fitted with a high tensile towing ring.
In order to increase safety on the road, the trailers are fitted with LED road
lighting systems and air/hydraulic brakes.

Each trailer is finished in two pack high durable paint. A front headboard and a tool box are also fitted as standard.

The standard models available include a 16 tons tandem axle 18′ flat with 5′
beaver tail and a 24 tons tri-axle 21′ flat with 5′ beaver tail. All weights quoted
are nett payloads on each model and not gross weight as seen with other

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