Harper Adams lambing trials

ìWith higher levels of protein than ewe colostrum it is no surprise that Volac Volostrum is often the difference between life and death in a busy lambing shed,î Alistair Sampson, Volac NI business manager.

TRIALS at Harper Adams, the nation’s premier agricultural university college, and on farms UK wide produced good news for lambers.

 Lambs started on Volostrum from Volac performed as well as those able to suckler their mother or hand fed colostrum from other sheep.

 At Harper Adams campus 45 lambs, a mixture of quads, triplets and twins were divided at birth into three groups. 15 left to suckler their mother, another 15 hand fed colostrum from other ewes and 15 started on Volostrum.

 The results showed clearly that lambs started on Volostrum were as healthy and viable as those left on their natural mother or given colostrum from other flock members.

 Proof that Volac Volostrum offers new born lambs from multiple births protection and energy at least equal to that from ewe colostrum.

 In follow up trials on 30 farms across the UK with flocks varying in size and breed the news was equally good for those lambing this month. All 30 farmers taking part expressed complete satisfaction with the results they achieved with Volostrum.

 A 100% natural product Volostrum is 76% protein with equally impressive levels of oil and lactose to give the newborn that vital energy boost. Easy to mix Lamb Volostrum comes in hygienic, handy to use, individual sachets with a three year shelf life, so none need ever go to waste.

 An essential life saver for every lamber’s cupboard Volostrum helps protect new arrivals from hypothermia and potentially fatal diseases.

   For details browse or contact Volac NI business manager Alistair Sampson tel; 078606 26442.

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