Dog attack kills 10 sheep in County Antrim


Ballybollen Farm near Ahoghill, County Antrim owned by the Gregg family was hit with devastation after 20 sheep were worried by two dogs this week.

The images in this article show the devastating loss of 10 animals.


Some of the sheep killed by dogs.

Speaking to Farm Gazette, Ernie described the incident as heartbreaking and unnecessary   “So far from this incident we have lost ten sheep with the possibility of more, four were killed instantly and six had to be destroyed by the vet.

Describing the situation Ernie said he was made aware by a phone call from a neighbour after 7am. “When i got to the field the dog had been there for a long time, it must have escaped from its owner overnight.


Ernie Gregg showing his pedigree British Blue

“This kind of thing has a massive impact on the local community, as a dog owner myself, i can’t stress enough how important it is to keep an eye on your dogs, even if they are friendly it can be a different story when they get together with sheep.”
Figures from 2016 revealed that over 1200 sheep were killed by worrying in a twelve month period in the UK last year.

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