Oldest cow in Ireland dies age 33

Finbarr Deasy from Clonakilty, County Cork went to check his cattle last Thursday and was disappointed to find 33 year old Angus Jenny in a bad way.

Finbarr told us Jenny was an impulse buy by his father Sean in Skibereen market at the end of 1983, funnily enough she made her way back to the farm in the back of the family’s hatch-back car.

Speaking on The Dermot & Dave Show on Today FM, he said: “I suppose a good dosing, plenty of rations, a good bed of straw inside a nice house and everything. Its the secret to a long life.

“Every animal is different, it’s from how you handle them and their breeding.

“Last Thursday was something else around here, I had to ask everyone to go away because I was in no mood for talking, it was very sad altogether, you’d miss her.”

The oldest cow on record was ‘Big Bertha’ not far away in County Kerry who died age 48!

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